Wait is almost over!! The Oath of the Vayuputras is here!

Shiva trilogy Book no 3 after The Immortals of Meluha and The Secret of the Nagas … the book that almost all have been waiting for – The Oath of the Vayuputras releases even before this year’s Maha Shivaratri 🙂 .. Yes, one will have their copies by Feb 27..

The Oath of the Vayuputras – Book Cover

If you have not ordered / pre-booked yet… better hurry!

Review soon…..


Someone READ my post!! and gifts me!

Though a bit late, someone / something read one of my posts and rewarded me a titanium heavyweight, that I can carry with me for months / years to come…

I’m talking about my post “The Sleeping Policeman” written long back… And as I put it I think after reading my post, गौ माता मेरे सामने प्रकट हुए | … She was unhappy with my ending of the post about death of cow due to accidents.. She had a point to prove!

And she did it in style!

This January morning, I rode past the street I always take, enjoying the cool winds on my face, rushing to office at about 55kmph on the straight roads. Just when VTCOS bus going upfront, took a left for its scheduled bus stop ahead, I rode past it, riding by right.. just then a panicked cow seeing the bus decided to cross the street in a hurry…

And there was my “kiss the cow” moment… Though I did manage to brake my bike almost to a full stop just before hitting the cow (I guess my bike did slightly bump into her), the impact caused a tilt of bike & me towards the median, and to slip my arm between the handle and bike body. That’s all it took to break my left forearm 😦  (I was in my senses and quickly held my right arm as a support to my poor left arm). Surprisingly, no other scratch / bruises.

Luckily, since this happened before rush hour, there was no much traffic from behind… 🙂

An office boy travelling in an auto-rickshaw stopped by and helped me out with my bike. Since it was hardly 1 km from my office, I took that auto to office, reported the accident at gate security, & they took me in an ambulance to hospital 🙂 … I got done the surgery and voila!!!!

And only because of that cow, I’m now a “man of steel” / “iron man” though its titanium rods  🙂

needs to be placed at all places

needs to be placed at all places

And I say it again: The best CSR activity for any firm in Baroda shall be removal of stray cows and dogs from streets..


3.. yes… 3 years… Time flies…!3

Now that the admin is out of reach, I’m taking matters into my own hands…! I’m celebrating 3 years of my existence!! My 3rd b’day today!

In the past 3 years, everything has been good I guess, I’ve been nice to all.. though some of my admin’s so called rant posts weren’t too offensive!

Its been a while since I’ve seen him around.. Must be busy with his family and books.. who knows! He never comes to check the traffic / hits on this blog too (he used to do that a lot in the past..).. Hope he comes back to write some book/movie reviews.. Entertainment value of me (I mean blog) has gone done rapidly.. Hope he comes and targets his interest back to blogging.. on target thrice For now.. no more worries.. its celebration time.. Its my birthday.. yet again.. so 3 beers…! 3beers

Oops… 3 Cheers actually! (btw for this summer & this party Beer is better!)..

so cheers again!

Hope more spice shall follow.. sooooon!! (and SP sees this post and come back to write some more posts! or else …. )

Now sing – “Happy Birthday to me…”


A new year arrives with loads of resolutions and hope…

With loads and loads of expectations and focus…

Day1 begins with hope and Day 365 ends with hope…

Now let us not be hopeless in between… !!

Cheer yourself up all day.. Dream and strive to make your dreams come true… 

Take responsibility.. more responsibility… 

Look out for new challenges & opportunities.. and grab them whenever you can..

Take resolutions that are achievable.  Losing weight is never a resolution!

So eat while you can! We have to ‘live to eat’ rather than ‘eat to live’ 

A great 2014 awaits… so enjoy 2013 till it lasts 🙂

Reflections – Its all about one’s perspective! Its a collage of many things so tiny and so neglected 🙂


A small hiatus is all I took.

Had many a things that kept me busy for the past few weeks…

There were a few thoughts on my blogposts but then it just didnt materialize.

My routine at office has gained some momentum lately and all I get is just enough time to read thru my blog-roll.

Hope to be back soon… and this time on –

I’m going to write as if no one’s reading… (Don’t worry, I’m still that lazy guy, so don’t panic 😛 )

Festivities Galore!

Diwali is here… Festivities begin..
Time for all those colorful rangolis, diya and lightings, and loads n loads of sweets 🙂
Our office too celebrated Diwali with a rangoli competition and a traditional day.. 🙂

I participated too 🙂 with a bunch of 4 more guys and guess what we won! yay!!!

Here is our team’s Rangoli 🙂 Apple & Steve Jobs inspired 😛

Was not expecting a prize at all.. we had put it up just for fun 🙂

Well some chocolates as gift got swooped within minutes of opening the case!

So a good start to this diwali I guess!!

Achieving a goal before end of 2012

Yes, I’ve had a goal set to achieve !!!
Its yet to be achieved! And I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to complete it in time!
I had kept a resolution that by this year end, on 31st December, I’ll be celebrating / welcoming 2013 from a new location (preferably outside of India 🙂 ) and with a whole new group of office-colleagues & friends!
Well that goal just might remain un-accomplished as yet!!

But who knows… Only time will tell!!!

Another target was to read 30+ books/novels in 2012.. and I’m on right track to complete that goal for the time being!

Is there a goal you’d like to accomplish by the end of 2012?