Award Winning Entry

I won!! I won I Won I WON!!!!

Published November 3, 2010

My “By The Water Cooler” post just won a prize!!
Can you believe that?!!!!
I won!! I’m out of words… And as My Prize I shall be getting the book “By The Water Cooler” autographed by the author herself.
Thanks to Parul Sharma for selecting my post as one among the five others, all of which are just awesome.
One can go through about what By The Water Cooler CONTEST!! is about
All the entries and responses to the contest here
And the final verdict – “And we have the winners”

Special Thanks to Saurabh, Priyanka, Sachin, Archana and Prashant for being my “Tea Buddies” .. Its with these awesome colleagues I spent my time “By The Water Cooler”, doing what is mentioned in the post.

Also to my dear dearest beloved Sruthy for her support. Love you all.

PS: Just can’t control my Excitement!! Happy Dance!!! *Dhin-Chak-Di-Chak-Dhin-Chak-Di-Chak-Dhin!!!*



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