I’m what I’m.. I’m just what I like to be..or is it..

I’m just the Jack of All Trades….And I’m so proud of being one..

Had two Bachelor degree to my credit. Gave away one to a someone so special, so that she could gain her Master’s.

I’ve been promoted recently… Now my roles and responsibilities and much much bigger.. I see my future right in front of my eyes..

Yet another working-class common man. Not so identifiable in the crowd except for my ever-retained smile on my face.

Indian + Keralaite + Aquarian + Food Junkie + Movie Junkie + Internet Addict + Voracious Reader + Cricket & Football Enthusiast + ChelseaFC Fan + Proud Father

“Fragments from my thoughts” (Earlier it was “The Fragments of my thoughts”) shall cover my take on life, movies, movies (intentional repetition) and sometimes on books etc. etc.


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