Monthly Archives: April 2016

The procedure

The day arrived. I decided it is time to do it. Well, I had the option to choose the date. The time however was based on appointment only. So much was the demand for the specialist I had to accept based on his availability.

The procedure has been simple. It always has been. There would be no pre-process required like others. I have been attending this procedure, more so regularly.

Someone or somethings just grow on you, some grow with you.

I waited impatiently, tensed or worried of the outcome maybe. I shouldn’t be worried anyways since he is the expert, doing this over and over on so many people every single day.

He even has his assistants but they are mere spectators or have seen them help him with his apparatus. Some day they might take over. Someone has to.

My time is now.  His eyes smiled at me, recognizing me as I am a frequenter. He might have smiled too, but his smile was veiled by the mask he wore. We very briefly exchanged pleasantries.

Across the table, my reflection stared at me in the mirror hanging on the wall. He then helped me take off my glasses, and I saw myself faded to a blur.  As I got ready, he spread a white sheet over me. I didn’t speak any further. He nodded his head and I closed my eyes, the light around and above me seemed brighter than before. Almost immediately he began.

I listened to the murmur of his whatchamacallit. I could feel them fondling my follicles.

I stayed calm, didn’t want to open my eyes, call it blind faith in him. Just as I slip into sleep, he pats me & says, “Its done.”

I looked across and through my glasses, reflection of a “new person” smiled back.

My haircut looked good. The Barber / Hair specialist did his job well to my satisfaction.

I thanked him, walking out with a lighter head and much lighter wallet.