An Update is An Update :)

No visits to my blog or writing blogs for quite some time..  A broken arm and recuperating from the fractures took its sweet time.

Laziness had me… Like a ”ithil kanni” I sat on bed watching TV soaps, Movies, thrilling EPL weekends, IPL matches and so on which completed my evenings and otherwise my day was tied up with loads of work… Reading was sidelined for a while too… Life of Pi and The Book Thief dragged on and on… they became my partners in bed.. I slept with them by my side. I did find time to read the blogs that I Follow… but as always I never commented back..

I did observe that my laziness and arm condition (which is a reason for no more playing games on weekend!s) was causing additional cover to my existing “single pack” grow bigger. Who cares… I’m not obese.. just not yet 😛

I waited eagerly for End May to come.. I was waiting for my promotion.. I made sure and really felt that I’m all set for all new responsibilities that will come along. I am still excited.

And talking of promotion, On 30th May, my future was handed over to me in my arms. And what a feeling that was…And I guess excitement was not mine alone, my baby boy too seemed excited seeing me. I started feeling more and more responsible.. Life is on a new high with bigger dreams to achieve.

That’s all for an Update 🙂

ithil kanni – (malayalam) for Loranthus,Mistletoe – A parasitic plant


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