Someone READ my post!! and gifts me!

Though a bit late, someone / something read one of my posts and rewarded me a titanium heavyweight, that I can carry with me for months / years to come…

I’m talking about my post “The Sleeping Policeman” written long back… And as I put it I think after reading my post, गौ माता मेरे सामने प्रकट हुए | … She was unhappy with my ending of the post about death of cow due to accidents.. She had a point to prove!

And she did it in style!

This January morning, I rode past the street I always take, enjoying the cool winds on my face, rushing to office at about 55kmph on the straight roads. Just when VTCOS bus going upfront, took a left for its scheduled bus stop ahead, I rode past it, riding by right.. just then a panicked cow seeing the bus decided to cross the street in a hurry…

And there was my “kiss the cow” moment… Though I did manage to brake my bike almost to a full stop just before hitting the cow (I guess my bike did slightly bump into her), the impact caused a tilt of bike & me towards the median, and to slip my arm between the handle and bike body. That’s all it took to break my left forearm 😦  (I was in my senses and quickly held my right arm as a support to my poor left arm). Surprisingly, no other scratch / bruises.

Luckily, since this happened before rush hour, there was no much traffic from behind… 🙂

An office boy travelling in an auto-rickshaw stopped by and helped me out with my bike. Since it was hardly 1 km from my office, I took that auto to office, reported the accident at gate security, & they took me in an ambulance to hospital 🙂 … I got done the surgery and voila!!!!

And only because of that cow, I’m now a “man of steel” / “iron man” though its titanium rods  🙂

needs to be placed at all places

needs to be placed at all places

And I say it again: The best CSR activity for any firm in Baroda shall be removal of stray cows and dogs from streets..


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