3.. yes… 3 years… Time flies…!3

Now that the admin is out of reach, I’m taking matters into my own hands…! I’m celebrating 3 years of my existence!! My 3rd b’day today!

In the past 3 years, everything has been good I guess, I’ve been nice to all.. though some of my admin’s so called rant posts weren’t too offensive!

Its been a while since I’ve seen him around.. Must be busy with his family and books.. who knows! He never comes to check the traffic / hits on this blog too (he used to do that a lot in the past..).. Hope he comes back to write some book/movie reviews.. Entertainment value of me (I mean blog) has gone done rapidly.. Hope he comes and targets his interest back to blogging.. on target thrice For now.. no more worries.. its celebration time.. Its my birthday.. yet again.. so 3 beers…! 3beers

Oops… 3 Cheers actually! (btw for this summer & this party Beer is better!)..

so cheers again!

Hope more spice shall follow.. sooooon!! (and SP sees this post and come back to write some more posts! or else …. )

Now sing – “Happy Birthday to me…”


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