Bullet Notes: ChelseaFC 5 – Machester united FC 4 (aet)

120 Minutes of Awesome and Hectic Football.. CFC snatch a win from MUFC.The scoreline is a bit scary too 😛 (after-all it was Halloween)

Talk about comebacks.. 🙂 From 1-0, 2-1, 3-2…. down to MUFC and coming out victorious.

MUFC did field an altogether different team than the one played on Sunday but then again those on field are quite remarkable players who really could and have made an impact on the scoreline.

Some may ask what if MUFC had fielded a stronger team.. well this is football and there are no "ifs" in football. 🙂

– Chelsea now have good attacking options and had some firm control

– "Mazacar" trio is awesome to watch. (However they tend to play centrally and thus LB /RB has to push up as wingers and thus leaving huge gaps at the back and difficult on quick counter attack!)

– Luca Piazon needs more play time for sure.. Maybe a loan deal in January will help.

– Moses troubled Buttner with his runs.

– There has been a few defensive blunders.

– Once again baby faced "killer" Chicharito scores for ManUnited and yes Luiz also scores for CFC
– Sturridge was a bit selfish in initial 90 min to score when he had options to cross / pass to other players..
– Welback & Powell was impressive for ManUnited from the moment he came in 🙂
– Refereeing was just OK.. !! (No more comments)

Though there are no 3 points, still a win over MUFC to knock them out of Capital One Cup is a sweet revenge!!!

Hope that CFC repeats the same feat and win better when they travel to Old-Trafford in their Premier League tie


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