10AM to 6PM Fueling Stations!!!!

Who could think that !!
The news is here below, could affect Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, UP, MP and TN.. there maybe more who will follow the suite.

Click for a larger image. News Courtesy: Times of India

So there is some reason as to why they are going for a single shift!!! Some other places in India is going for 9AM-5PM timings too! Hope it gets cleared without much more burden to the common man!

A info is that Company Operated Pumps will not be affected by this! (Not confirmed yet – as on 15.10.12)

Can you imagine the possible outcome if it goes on a larger scale if govt do not agree to the so-called terms from the CIPD for a hike in commission and other demands?!!!
With 8 hour working, the sales needn’t actually go down. Rather it could be much better for dealers for sure!
Just thought of listing a few:
1. New job listing in all job-sites for an assured 10AM-6PM job (even I don’t have one)
2. Better crowd/traffic control. More lifts taken or given by motorists.
3. Now onwards there is going to be a ‘fuel fill break’ like that of a coffee/tea break!
4. Better prospects for an entrepreneur for mobile fuel filling station for office corporate.
5. New business of illegal fuel supply mafia thru 1/2/3 litre cans. (plastic can business will also flourish)
6. Long lost Cycle rental business to revive and thrive!
7. More queue at fueling stations.
8. No more 1/2 litre or 20-30INR filling by motorists.
9. New emergency fuel supply numbers in case one gets stranded will be up soon! “111” or “787759-3835″(supply-fuel) / “36789-82657″(empty-tanks).
10. Those working at fuel stations can look out for additional part-time jobs thus increasing country’s GDP.
11. Company Pumps if open 24×7, then more business for them and profits to Oil Companies!
12. Two-wheeler petrol theft on the rise.
13. Two-wheeler fuel-lock business to be benefited with increase in demand.
14. Tow trucks and “Anywhere-Anytime-Pickup” services to be in demand too!
15. More security guard jobs for ex-servicemen at fuel stations after “working hours”.
16. Vehicle thefts to reduce, since even if they do get stolen, they are not getting that far!
17. Spaces at pumps to be used for recreational / sports activities after ‘working hours’
18. Private sector fuel stations to come up more.

There could be many more… Share your thoughts!

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