Book Review: 31 – Upendra Namburi

“Witty, Crisp, Realistic, Intelligent,Engaging and Compelling enough to read cover-to-cover in one go”Ashwin Sanghi, author of the National Bestseller,  Chanakya’s Chant
Well, Ashwin Sanghi has said it all…

Thrillers have always fascinated me.. though I’ve not read many of corporate thrillers, this book definitely stands out. And for an Indian author, hats off.. (though a film called “Corporate” was made by Madhur Bhandarkar but then its different)
What is to be highlighted is the way author portrays our protagonist Ravi Shastry and his life in 31 days. Author provides a limelight to Banking in all its fanciness.
The timeline based narrative seemed really engrossing (at least for me).. and there is all the technology that people cannot avoid these days through smart phones / Blackberry’s and twitter. [At one place it even reflects the Blackberry Smiley Bug “J” 🙂 yeah]

I just loved the “Imperial Insider” [ I did actually find the profile on twitter 😛 but not all tweets in the book are published on twitter 😦  ]
The character development is good.. lets say the traits /  thoughts of Ravi is similar throughout (terms like lynched and a few others gets repetitive which I really don’t mind when it does reflect his reactions to situations he is in). Other supporting characters do have a heart & soul and author has ensured all characters are alive and real. Even though this is a work of fiction, we could relate characters that we have come across.
And for the whole 31 days, there is fun, humor, sexual harassment, internal audits, kissing boss’s ass, infatuations, international markets & their ripple effects on Indian markets, job insecurity,  job hunts, HR, influencing HR, gossips, falsifications, allegations, some banking fundas, ppts, emotions, relationships and what not!!!

Btw… who doesn’t want to succeed… who isn’t selfish these days!!

I’ll rate a 4.75/5. Its truly a thrilling read! Enjoyed it! Grab a copy of the book from wherever you can!

Looking forward to more from the author Upendra Namburi ( @upendranamburi )

PS: After 31, my expectations for his next book is high, hope he won’t disappoint

PPS: At one place the twitter ID is published as “Imperial Anonymous” instead of “Imperial Insider”… deliberate or editorial miss or did I miss something? I don’t know!


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