While I was away…

Nothing much actually happened!!!

And since there is no huge fanfare that follows, no one has missed me either for sure!

Had my thoughts and actions focused (or not so focused) elsewhere  !!!!!

Now I am back… And yes this is a shout-out!

Have quite a few book reviews to share… Interest in movies have dried up for the time being…!!  so no movie reviews…

Have a few more books to finish.. I’m still trying to finalize the design for the bookshelf.. and I think I’ve closed in on one of “do”able design 🙂 Now its all about budget, estimation quotation and of course the final one – An Approval to go ahead!!

In the meantime HR has dashed my hopes/option for a better dwelling for now!!! Policies unless shared or explained correctly could be misinterpreted!! So its never my fault.. but I wont fight for it!.. it happens, happens inHuman Resource dept (deliberate reading) avoid it whenever possible, nothing good is to come out of it!

Okay before this turns out to be a rant post… let me publish it!

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