Book Review: Devotion of Suspect X

When it comes to Murder mysteries.. its all about deciphering clues in finding Who has done it… It is very very difficult to write one for sure, and to keep the readers interested in the plot with different turn of events…

But The Devotion of Suspect X is quite different! Keigo Higashino, the author makes sure of it is different!!

Its just that within a few initial pages a murder is committed and we know as to who and how the murder takes place!!

So what is in this book till its final page? Definitely an awesomely written psychological suspense novel – Plot is simple but complex.

An entertaining story, full of details and surprises. The devotion and love has not been carried to such an extreme..

This story is superbly crafted and a really wonderful, highly recommended read. A definite page-turner.

Start of book is slow (maybe the Japanese names and locations could be the deterrent , but soon one surely gets pulled into the story.

The story makes you think where this will all lead to and how the case will be solved.. I really did not know how the book was going to end. And in the end I could only admire the genius quality of the plot.

Characterisation is outstanding. The Japanese culture is presented all in its simplicity & authenticity . And for those who love Math, there are some relative explanations in the book.

Yasuko-Ishigami, Kusangi-Yukawa and Yukawa-Ishigami interactions has its moments- at times very nicely portrayed & at times has its nuances, also being confounded to certain extent which adds to the pace of the story..

The suspense remains till the end… The twist in the tale was mind boggling….and in the end, one is sure that there will be no better ending than what the author provides.

Lovely read. Engages on multiple levels. The translator does a very decent job too. I’ll rate a 4.5 / 5

PS: Waiting for “Paperback” version of Salvation of a Saint to buy 🙂

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