[Guest Blog] Food Quotient @ Vadodara!

So finally Vinod has his take on quite a few outlets around Vadodara… Being his 1st blog, he has taken his sweet time to put in his thoughts.

Non-vegetarians please excuse,  his hunger-pang-escapades around Vadodara is strictly vegetarian. 😛


Food Quotient @ Vadodara!

“You can’t just eat good food. You’ve got to talk about it too. And you’ve got to talk about it to somebody who understands that kind of food.” -Kurt Vonnegut

… So here I’m to talk abt Food that Vadodara has offered me!

I have always been fascinated by food, which dates back from my childhood days enjoying mamma’s & grandma’s culinary expertise & mouth-watering taste.

Bangalore offered a long list of restaurants to dine, but some-how being a localite I haven’t explored much..  But I always cherish to have each and every dish which I was served with at home (there are my hand too in the preparations, but majorly in the form of assistant to the main Chef!!)

Post my graduation, job brought me to Vadodara, where I’d taste restaurant’s food (to come out of the guest house’s routine diet!!) .. Gradually I picked up Vadodara’s Food Quotient (along with Fun Quotient @ Work) LoL 😛 and started punching-in at numerous restos, local eatery points, street-food centers  and many more food joints in the last couple of years.

I’ll be listing few of the ‘never-MISS-to-visit’ food joints:

(for complete details on my food exploration, keep a tab on my Facebook timeline regularly, where I post my ‘foodback’ – my feedback on food!!).. 😉

↔  Salsa Habanero 

It’s an authentic (Veg-only) Mexican cuisine take-away point, which opens Fri-Sun (6-8PM). They prepare only limited quantity.. So call them up to pre-order and relish the best-in-class flavors of Mexican.. I relished this on the near-by footpath in order to have it fresh!!)

↔  During my recent nite-out:

  • I had a snack rather namkeen called by an interesting name – Shriram TAM TAM (Near Panigate), which is a must have snack
  • Even though I don’t take tea/coffee, I was made to taste this tea along with bread pakoda (at 2AM at Waghodia Crossing, NH 8). Do hit this street –hawker for some truly luscious & simmering tea!!

↔  Being a south-Indian, I love Idli’s (with samabar)… So, without any reviews heard abt this resto, I dashed into  (Jetalpur Road), which serves variety of Idli’s ranging from French Fry Idli to Manchurian Idli to normal Idli to what not 😛

↔  On yet another nite-out I visited a misnomer named shop – GAYLORD (LoL 🙂 ), in front of Vadodara Railway Station , to taste an amazing combo food: Maska Bun with Masala Milk [Masala Tea – for tea drinkers!].. Its going to be blissful if taken late night 🙂 )

↔  Poona MisaL, Upma & Dahi Vada are the best breakfast savouries to have at Canara Coffee House (CCH) (on Dandia Bazar Road), which is serving  Barodians since 1930s (if I’m not wrong). My fav being Poona MisaL!

↔  Very near to CCH is Kathiyawadi Khadki, which serves authentic Kathiyawadi cuisine with knee-low seating arrangements to add to the ambience.. Unlimited  meals to enjoy from 😛

↔  One fine evening, a group of friends were damn hungry and hit the restaurant – ‘Fusion Bites’ (Race Course Road), where our taste buds slurped Lebanese, Mexican & Spanish cuisines. Fusion Bites take you international.. literally! It’s very apt sub-phrase reads: “Went Hungry, Came out Happy!”.. Similar to this is ‘That Place’ (off Productivity Road)

↔  Sandwiches have been my favorite.. Grilled Sandwich at Bombay Sandwich shop on Sandwich Street (Alkapuri) is truly mouth-watering (even as I write abt it :P). Explore all the grilled ones there. Also, you’ll love to have samosa-sandwich in this street!

↔  Samraat (on Jetalpur Road) is the place for corn-lovers, as this restaurant offers a platter variety of corn-specific-special menus to choose from!

↔  Best food joint for authentic south-indian cuisine has to be 22nd Parallel, with a plethora of try-out options.. Take it from me, all are heavenly, truly!

↔  Sapphire (Near Sayajibaug) is a must-go for both veggies & non-veggies. Its been a resto which is really really good and never disappoints at any given time!

↔  Little Italy & Jashn has never left me surprised!

↔  Try-out soda shop just off OP Road. That’s the only place, where I’ve had shots.. (btw its Ginger Shot.. he he.. 🙂 )

↔  Others joints abt which I should not miss out mentioning are:

  •  Tasty Vada Pav & Frankie Center (Nizampura)
  • Splendid Saabhudana dishes (Nizampura)
  • Manmohan Samosa (Kothi Char Rasta)
  • Bhai Bhai Dabeli
  • Rajasthani Pani-Puri (Fatehgunj) etc..

I can keep sharing many more [Don’t think I am a glutton – I am just an explorer of food], but would like to end it at here! Before which I’ve to thanks many of my friends (especially MS & VD), whose suggestions/reco I could always count on in my food ex’floor’ation @ Sanskarnagari Vadodara 🙂

–          Vinod Srinivasa   

Constructive Criticisms are Welcome 🙂

PS: Sreenath had told me to write on the 1st F in his ‘3F’ concept (Food, Films & Female!)… But I can try my hand on the last F too! So Sreenath, can u provide me on more opportunity as Guest Blogger?!!? LoL 🙂

PPS:     I dedicate this blog to my elder bro: Shashikiran Srinivasa, (who suggested me to start blogging way back in 2008, which for some reason or other I couldn’t consider!) Bro: Here it is.. I’ve started blogging 🙂


3 thoughts on “[Guest Blog] Food Quotient @ Vadodara!

  1. Prakash Patel

    Thanks for your comments on SalsaHabanero We love to see these kind of reactions from our Guests. We are open again this coming Saturday 8th Sep. When you come in again remind me of your blog would love to thank you in person..


  2. Pratiik Naik

    hey there! am looking for bloggers like you…..
    can i have your contact number?
    if you know other bloggers like you who write about their tasting experience than please kindly let me know,
    and if any Facebook communities exist you know then add it ,too…please reply earliest possible, waiting for your reply..
    mail soonest possible


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