Listening with Closed Eyes

Listening to music has an entirely different feeling when done with closed eyes. It takes you to a very new and different level of enjoying music.

Maybe its the avoidance of any other unruly distractions around us that steps down the feeling of music.

I had heard quite a few bad reviews from my colleagues on the Coke Studio@MTV Season 2. They said songs didn’t make them feel good.

I think I knew y! They “watched” the program/songs, they couldn’t enjoy.. it maybe the lighting, it may be the expressions, it may be the looks/dressing of the singers, it maybe the camera movements.. there could be n number of reasons. It may be the music too, but not all songs were deemed to be bad. Some are definitely a class act by the musicians.

I got into the act. I made them listen to one of the songs ‘deemed as not so good’ again, but this time without any visuals. Just the song and know what, they enjoyed it. Then asked them to close their eyes while listening and they asked me to share the song as and when it finished.

When they say “Ah, that’s music to my ears” is true to every word in that phrase!!! And we ought to listen to music with our heart and ears.

Try listening to music with your eyes closed!!! You’ll love it! I’m so very sure!!

You may argue to disagree.

btw Enjoy this Song:

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