Coming Soon – A Guest Post

Yes.. A guest post on the Local Vadodara Eat-Outs (Esp. Veg) by my colleague and friend Vinod a.k.a. Professor will be up soon!!!

So much for a gourmet to give feedback on the whole loads of food he has taken 🙂 He shall give his share of Opinions on the Food…

Watch out!!!

A notion always suggested by my friend Leo – Of 3 F’s – That Thoughts on Food, Films and Female are Subjective.

And its so so true… Well as of now lets see what Vinod has to share on Food.

Keeping that in mind I as of now can talk only of the first 2 Fs 🙂


PS: I didn’t ve anything else to write 🙂


One thought on “Coming Soon – A Guest Post

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