Sale Sale Sale!!!

End of Season Sale have never interested me!! I’ve always felt it as Sales/Mktg gimmick.  Do you think Sales’ll be at a Loss to Company? Naaah,  its just a marketing strategy to clear off stock that has not ‘moved’ during the regular season 🙂 And I guess only Company benefits from these SALES

For instance, a few “Shopping” visits I took during these days, I found the following:

At a shoe store
A branded Shoes on Sale with 30% Off! – MRP Rs 6999
Same model (or that I think is the same design except for the color of the sole) on New Arrival Shelf: MRP Rs 4999

At a brand store
Jeans on Sale with Flat 40% Discount Sale, MRP Rs 6000
On New Arrival Shelf, a Jeans has its MRP Rs 2799

(After-all its just a jeans that you are buying in which you feel comfortable wearing, unless you travel around with price tag)

At another mega store
A branded Trouser on Sale with 40% Off Sale, MRP Rs 4000
On New Arrival Shelf almost similar pattern & material for trouser, MRP Rs 1899

One can do the math and see what the SALE is all about!!!
There would have had some bargain offers too. But then I’ve not been that lucky to find one during this END-OF-SEASON SALE!

The UPTO 70% OFF sales are quite baffling. Just imagine the profit the company would’ve made when there were no end of season sale (phew!). The other sales tactics of  “Buy 2 Get 1” or similar ones, I feel are much more persuasive for buying.

Well apart from End of Season Sale, Vadodara have some unique shops with some strange marketing strategies: “Flat 90% Off” or “Buy 3 Get 7 Free” and so on.. I’ve never entered any of these shops… Such hoardings drives me away. 😛

Is there anything called as SMART SHOPPER?


PS: btw I did observe some good SALE on an online shopping portal. I’ll go for that 🙂 hoping I’d get the delivery of the required size for my Tees 😛

PPS: I always expect/wish that whatever I shopped during the OFF-SEASON sale is NOT put on END-OF-SEASON SALE. Remorse may be bad in these times! 🙂

PPPS: I’ve always been interested in being a Mystery Shopper. Getting paid for what one shops!! Now thats cool!! Though I’ve had no luck in being one such Mystery Shopper.

2 thoughts on “Sale Sale Sale!!!

  1. Mayur

    Well i guess, u havnt been to these “SALE” u need to shop smartly there……
    & reap the benefits of it………….
    & yeah i read it saale…saale…saale…….


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