This is a kind of rant post!

Its about my stint with Fun@Work

It is an Employee Engagement Initiative of the HR dept in the firm for ‘Making xxx xxxxx a Vibrant Workplace’

Sometime during July 2011, HR team called out enthusiastic employees to be a part of The Fun Quotient Team.

Over 50 employees volunteered and were grouped into 4 teams focussed on various activities.

I was assigned to Team Celebrations. The other teams being Team Synergy, Team Zest, Team Fusion

And to start with..

We celebrated.. And definitely fun it was….!!

We did a whole lot of fun activities.

(Had loads of meetings in between work. “Indecision” was a part of almost all meetings 😛 we had whole lot of ideas, and pin-pointing to one or two were most difficult task.)

Friendship Day with bands & fun activities, Engineer’s Day with Quiz, Navratri celebrations with traditional dress codes, Ganesha & You Photo Contest during Ganeshotsav, Diwali celebrations with Rangoli and traditional dress code day, My Workspace Contest, Christmas & New Year celebration activities, Founder’s B’day celebrations with treasure hunt (Value Hunt) were some of the major highlights of celebrations we took care of!

Fun Activities was not just into Celebrations… When I had time, joined other fun quotient teams and had shared some more of their activities.. Tug of War, CriXpert-Fantasy IPL League and so on.

Then there were Hobby Clubs like book reading club, adventure club, movie club and so on…

Some activities were really appreciated by employees.

I being good with Presentations, phrases and posters, used to draft the mailers for circulation (or lets say others backed out from doing so). Well mailers were always subjected to additions and modifications from HR team 🙂

I did make sure that my regular office work do not get affected by these. I did all these activities in the spare time, after lunch and some after office hours.

However my time at Fun Quotient team was short… less than 1 year…

When your seniors’ find such activities for employee engagement as a waste of time and energy, regardless to anything you’ll have agree to it.

When my HOD states: “Your Line Manager is your HR”, it is a very strong statement to stop being a part of HR activities and listen to your Boss.

And yes.. the impact of that statement reflected in my Annual Appraisal too.

And my boss added while handing over the letter: “You have the potential for improvement, you need to just focus more into the work activities and other things can wait.”

HR intends to build a culture of celebration and appreciation through Fun@Work.

I don’t feel even a recommendation of Fun-Quotient activity (which never came) would have had any effect on Boss though. So much for the fun and yes the so called Employee ENGAGEMENT.

HR says: ” Happy employees are productive employees”. An average appraisal will not make any employee happy.

Well it was definitely Fun till it lasted…. Now I’ve resigned myself into oblivion for the obvious reasons.

I’ll now find Fun in the daily chores that I’ll do after-all Fun is not what someone instills upon.

With Fun-Quotient HR wanted to “Make employees Change Agents”.. Well I think it has worked in my case! I’ve a changed!

“Never continue in a job you don’t enjoy. If you’re happy in what you’re doing, you’ll like yourself, you’ll have inner peace. And if you have that, along with physical health, you will have had more success than you could possibly have imagined. ” – Johnny Carson.

Some people would never understand the above Quote.


PS: I’ve intentionally avoided the name of firm. Those who know me, know where I work …. and for those who don’t know, let it be “xxx xxxxx” !

PPS: I do not have any personal grudge towards anyone… !!!


4 thoughts on “Fun@Work

  1. Mansee

    Hmm..I can understand. Seniors need to realise that such initiatives not only utilise your talent but also hones it and the same talent can be helpful for official work also. As far as your work does not suffer, I really dont understand why it should be taken as negatively.

    To each to its own though.


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