Friends Forever

A good friend is one who is always there to comply to your selfish motives and ideas….!!!

They know how crazy you are but still around.

With the advent of social media we are ‘aware’ of our friends’ whereabouts but we ourselves are ‘busy’ updating status message rather than giving a call to inquire.. Priorities change .. Everything changes…

Friendship fades.. time may come when friends are just acquaintances… but True Friends remain..Forever Friends.!


Thanks to Hallmark, we have earmarked one particular day to celebrate friendship.

Even though interest in so called friendship day in US & UK dwindled, we Indians have a whole lot of reasons to celebrate.

United Nations General Assembly declared July 30 as “International Day of Friendship” from 2011, but some habits as hard to break. We sill celebrate on 1st Sunday of August.


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