Movie Review – Shanghai

Shanghai is yet another sheer directorial from Dibakar Banerjee citing the political demeanor that exists in our country today. Dibakar has his unique and intelligent way to express or share facts/ideas in his movies.

A set of warning to all those who wants their movie to take them through a brisk pace, this is not a movie that steps on the accelerator, except for one incident of over-speeding that occurs in the movie. Movie slowly builds up, the sub plots and characters.

Who says our politicians does not have a plan? When it comes to pull someone down they execute that pretty well.

Movie is loosely based on Vassillis Vasilikov’s  novel “Z”  as given in the opening credits. But the movie is well set in “Indian conditions”.

A nice political thriller that covers development plans for a multi-mega city project on the backdrop of throwing out the poor from their settlements with false hope of job and better living in the future, the mockery that is in a political inquiry commission, and loyal party supporters who are the scapegoats in the Big plans by our politicians.

Dibakar has this knack for highlighting the bigger issues quite informally.

Abhay Deol as T. A. Krishnan is brilliant. Nicely portrays the bureaucrat; Prosenjit Chatterjee as Dr. Ahmadi, a social activist even with only a little screen time gives a formidable performance (one may give credits to the script & screenplay).

Emraan Hashmi and Kalki Koechlin gives a rather good supporting role. Not to forget the mostly silent but strong communicator Anand Jog. Sometimes silence is what strikes the chord with the situations. There are some lighter moments to make us smile even in the tense situations.

A nice watch I’d say.


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