Movie Review – Kahaani


As the movie title quietly says – its definitely “A MOTHER OF A STORY”

The promos aired gives us a story, but did you actually deduce what the story could be? And are you so very sure about the story? Then you are going to be surprised to edge of your seats.

I wont give out anything about the story. All you’ll say at the end of the movie will be, “let’s watch it again”

Such is the story and the soulful performance by “Bidya Baggchi”. The other cast though brilliant but gets only a supporting role to her.

Cinematography is at its scintillating best with almost every life of Aami Kolkata nicely captured.

Vishal & Shekhar is real good with music. Songs & BG score really goes well with the movie, the “Ekla Cholo Re” sung by Amitabh Bachchan is the pick of the lot. (BG is done by Clinton Cerejo)

Sujoy Ghosh is brilliant again (Had really loved his “Jhankaar Beats”)

As my dear friend Prashant Rao puts it: Vidya Balan is the new Aamir Khan.

My rating for this Movie 4.5 / 5

Watch it I say!! You’ll love it too! Aami Shotti Bolchi


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