Girl : Have you seen the mail on new joinees? You definitely must’ve noticed
Guy1 : yes yes, a new girl in so-n-so dept. She seems cool.
Guy 2: Yes.
Girl : She also mentioned her hobby as Gourmet Cooking
Guy1: What’s so special abt that, every girl cooks!
Guy 2: oh! its special alright! its a kind of an art for eating less and end up paying more. (Kam Khao, Zyaada Baro)
PS: Guy1 dropped the idea of meeting her and getting acquainted!


Guy 1: So how did it go?
Guy 2: What?
Guy 1: The interview
Guy 2: How did u know? I just finished it, u too got a call from the firm?
Guy 1: no, but everyone on the floor knows. You were leaning on to the mass-com during tele-con. Its ‘the talk of the town’ now!


Senior: As APJ says Without your involvement you can’t succeed. With your involvement you will fail.
Trainee: Sir, did u mean to say “u can’t fail” ?
Senior: ha ha ha..yes u r right! I was just joking


Senior: Your letter is here. You are doing excellent job. Even at times like these, I know you are working hard and work of two people. Keep up the good work.
Guy: Thank you sir.
Senior: As I said, the company is not doing so well, and at times like these your work though recognised, company offers to pay only half the amount agreed. I’ve strongly raised up this point to higher concerned though.
Guy: *goes numb*

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