Book Review – The Bricklayer

The Bricklayer is a brilliant novel of Noah Boyd.

Paul Lindsay,A former FBI agent who writes under the pseudonym Noah Boyd, provides the thrills, colour and the spirited details to make it a most fascinating and stunning novel filled with non-stop action. The pacing of this multilayer plot is brisk; there are just enough twists in the suspense to keep the reader on the edge throughout. The author provides an excellent storyline to showcase Steve’s special character traits and ensures to keep the reader’s interest.

At times some events sounded a bit ridiculous but still found it highly entertaining. One of the reasons why The Bricklayer is so effective is, Boyd writes of what he knows and has done it so with authenticity. He introduces an enigmatic yet poignant new hero, Steve Noah Vail (The middle name says it all).

Steve Vail could be Jack Reacher’s twin. Steve Vail is a former FBI agent, who had problem with bureaucracy and chose to be fired for insubordination. Although his present occupation is that of a brick layer in Chicago, he is soon called upon when the FBI wanted to stop “Rubaco Pentad”; a group who knows a great deal about how the FBI works and is out to disgrace the Bureau. And the gang has managed to outsmart FBI by killing some prominent people and threatens to continue unless their demands are met. FBI deputy Assistant Director Kate Bannon persuades Steve Vail to take up the case. And thus follows a series of exciting & exhilarating scenes in which Vail matches himself against a group who seem less interested in money than in killing him. The interactions between Kate and Vail is nice and has some romantic undertones.

I look forward to reading a lot more Steve Vail in future books. I am looking forward to reading the next instalment “Agent X”.



Good News: Millennium Films has acquired film rights to The Bricklayer. Starring Gerard Butler in the role of ex-FBI agent Steven Vail. Movie to be released in 2013.

Sad News: A website cites Paul Lindsay (age 68) passed away in September 2011.


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