Somethings in life are better felt than read! Written communication cannot absorb the entire emotions/feelings..

Still I’ll try to share some happenings that occur in office:


2 Guys meeting at Office Pantry after a long time
Guy 1: Hey, How r u doing man? How’s life? Having fun eh!!
Guy 2 (replies blandly) : I’m Married.

Guy1: Boss, I need to know abt the other packages also.. I’d say job orientation is essential.
Boss: (Citing Example): See, Rotation / Orientation is not that good.. u’ve much more to learn in your current field of expertise. See in India, once u r married, ur wife is for life long, u dont change her for anything. Same should be applied to ur job profile too. But yes, u’ll ve a feeling that, something else was better, which cannot be the case. So – Focus on one!


Many such instances occur in our daily life.. which makes our not so interesting office hours lighten up with small bouts of laughter

to be continued…


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