The Lucky Charm

Marriage season is on! And yes your friends and colleagues are in some mad rush to loose their bachelor degree..
A stage arises in a guy’s life when he thinks he have had his days being a bachelor.. His parents pressurizing him to get married and he has to (maybe) reluctantly agree to their wishes. Once a guy agrees to his parents wishes, he too falls in the ‘never ending’ search for his right future partner.

He has to go through all those ups and downs of rejections.. Being rejected and getting to reject ‘wannabe-brides’ in a whisker (thanks to the matchmaking sites and their business blooming) does brings the ‘lows’ in a guy’s life. [He thinks that its the lowest state of self-esteem he has or will ever fathom … he still don’t ve a clue of life after marriage.. but he still dreams].

Coming back to the title of this blog entry… To some extent everyone is superstitious.. and when it comes to some lucky charm, people never hesitate.

So lucky charm and marriage … ahem!!!! quite a gamble!

Reminds me of a movie I had watched sometime back “Good Luck Chuck”. It was a fun movie. Having said that, the lucky charm about whom I’m citing is also a guy! But do not relate him to character Chuck – it is not that lucky for him!!

Now about the charm he casts!!

He has definitely proved himself to be lucky – atleast for his roommates.

Yes, whomsoever has become his roommate have had an upper hand in getting their marriage fixed SOON.

He used to be known as “Mangalam Sir” (Tamil Movie Boys’ Vivek’s Character) for his managerial skill.

But now: the name as meant to be ‘fortunate’ is definitely so for his roommates when it comes to their marriage.

Current Status: He now has 3new roommates. Its heard they are still to decide who will be sharing room with him.

WILL THE LEGEND be safeguarded? Only time will tell!! Till then he’s MANGALAM Sir!!!

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