World of Opportunists!

Opportunities are all around… Created by opportunists or say identified by them… Every single one of us has an hidden opportunist in us – all that required is identifying ‘one’!

The pessimist would pick the glass half empty, while the optimist would choose it half full. Opportunist will fill the glass mixing his drink!

As simple as that! Cashing in on any opportunity..

Its again in one’s mindset. How one directs his/her thought process.

 The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the opportunist adjusts the sails.

Its a matter of choice.

Choices!?? No, it cannot be a choice! its like turning a blind eye!

 A pessimist will look at the red stop light, an optimist sees the green light, an opportunist definitely could be colorblind 😛

Life moves on! The selfish advantages taken by opportunists are always discussed, especially if that opportunist is one from your office.

Missed opportunities / being an opportunist does it to us! The thought “arrrgh! Y didnt I think of it 1st” says it all!

More to deliberate… maybe sometime later…


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