Book Review – The Secret of The Nagas

After readingThe Immortals of Meluha, I knew I definitely will have my hands on the sequel.

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When you put in your imagination to bring gods as mortals from a mythology, it’s quite a task and should be well thought of, as some characters are far more fanciful to be human. And the author Amish has done a commendable job. The tales and fables we have heard from our grandparents about Shiva and his ganas is brilliantly “reconstructed differently”.  Author has taken characters and names from Indian mythology given them ‘life’ in this book with intriguing tale and everything seems to connect pretty well. His writing definitely touches the heart.

The writer has an eye for detail; it has a positive and negative effect at times. His language maybe slightly mediocre, but then it connects with the reader. Well words like Meters, Missiles, “Mumbo-Jumbo” riddles, radio waves, accumulator machines, India etc may not really ring a bell for a tale taking place in 1900BC. but should anyone care about those?

As the second book starts from where the first book ends, the chase is on.  While the events in 1st book saw story opening in Mansarovar, then to Meluha and ending in Swadweep; events in this book unfolds itself in Swadweep, through Kashi & Branga and ends in Dandak Forest.

The description & characterisation of the Nagas are lovely. I was really surprised with the turnout of events across “The Lord of the People” and “Naga Queen”. I didn’t really expect it to turn out that way.

The story moves fast and without pause, and is definitely a page-turner. The story is just not about Lord Shiva and his human form. It’s not just the male characters but the female characters that are brought out in strength and reflect them as to why they are well-intentioned to be the goddesses. Equality, Justice, Truth, Loyality, Trust, Conflict of Interest, Ethics etc. are some of the social concepts that come into limelight.

Talking about detailing, I’ll have to contradict my earlier comment at places, since some matters are not discussed further. Eg: The so-called strange Branga Rituals and The Plague that have no further mentions.

If you loved Sati in The Immortals of Meluha, then Anadamayi is sure to capture your attention in this book. Many other interesting characters are also brought to life and do their part.

If you’ve read The Immortals of Meluha, you must read The Secret of The Nagas. And if you’ve not read both the books of Shiva Trilogy and are even a mite interested in Indian Mythology, buy both the books.

My hands will definitely be on Amish’s 3rd book “The Oath of the Vayuputras” when it releases. Looking forward to it.

Overall Rating: 7 /10

PS: One can follow author @amisht

One can read My review of his 1st book: “The Immortals of Meluha”


11 thoughts on “Book Review – The Secret of The Nagas

  1. LeGu

    My book from flipkart is at tripunithura..And trust me,I’m really jealous of you..Loved the review..Good to know it is not a let down.I was scared it would not live up to general expectations after “The Immortals of Meluha”

  2. Vikram S. Mathur

    Indeed, it was a good read. Currently I am reading it a second time .. after reading Immortals of Meluha a second time too. Small things like, India in the 1900 BC aside, it is indeed a good, gripping read.

  3. Shabana Mohamed Shani

    You’re right….i read the first part in two days and the sequel in one…so you can imagine impatience in knwing the story…
    Most divine stories describe their male characters as fierce warriors and their consorts turn out to be mere decorations at their side. I was pleasantly surprised to see female characters being given so much heart and soul. The story has filled a lot of gaps in the divine stories that exists now. It is still a story, but it connects to logic a lot.
    i was a bit irritated wen the “secret of Nagas” was still not revealed in the end…but i guess it only makes the final book even more important. I hope it is as good.

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