Companies, Assets, Appraisals and Emotions

Employees are a Company’s Biggest Asset. Or thats what everybody (The Company HR) says.

Let me take an example of each one of us.

How many of you will agree to the fact the we tend to take some things that are ours or that we think are ours for granted.

Appraisal- the way an org reacts to the way we react(Work) to them.

Its all in the appraisals…its also the time for the organisation to prove how important / unimportant their assets really are. Really?

Yes, appraisals can be a reality check. But to which direction? No one is so sure. No Bell Curve or other ‘Techniques’ actually satisfy an employee.

The funnier part is the emotions that are involved in the process.

And to name a few: Hope, Anxiety, Excitement, Expectations during the time of filling in the forms

and Hope, Surprise, Joy, Anger, Curiosity, Astonishment at the ‘hand-over’ of appraisals.

The emotions surge in and out at varied proportions. The mixed bag comes in all sizes.

Its all human nature.

Comparison or Correlation is inseparable characteristic that we all have and that hits a sour note.

I’m still waiting for my appraisal letter. (Eagerly? I guess so!)

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