Movie Review – Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)




Comedy (Definitely So)


Romance (To some extent – A budding romance)


and so on…

You ask for it and you shall find it in this movie.

This movie just doesn’t belong to Jack Black. The whole team including the new-comer animator-director Jennifer Yuh have done a commendable work. Not to forget the team who wrote the story and the background scores. The detailing is real good. Two Thumbs up for that!

They just add to all the oomph and yippee-aaa-yeah!!!

Po is not any ordinary Panda…. He has just ‘caught’ Kung Fu and he is on to save it!!! In his own Style. He even tries Stealth Mode!

Watch the movie to know HOW!! Kids ll definitely love the movie.

We hear the voices of a star studded cast that forms the Furious Five & Master Shifu, being the voices of Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan, David Cross, Seth RogenLucy Liu, Dustin Hoffman, along with new ‘entries’ Michelle Yeoh, Gary Oldman and others. Loved them all. The new characters are well crafted.

I saw this movie in 3D, and I recommend it as the animation is nicely suited for it. After all the director herself has been an animation expert. Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3D is crisp and definitely well set.

The team has really worked on the storyline and maintained the very essence of the movie as in its earlier 2008 movie. Plus lot many unanswered questions in the earlier movie gets its ‘answers’ here.

Various sequences involving Master Shifu and Po, Po and Tigress, Shen and Po, Soothsayer & Po have all different feel as it must have.

Watch it in theatres. Watch it in 3D!!!  Kung Fu Panda 2 rocckkkss!! and it definitely is filled with Freaking Awesomeness.

I’ll rate 4.5/5


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