School Days – About Teachers & Lunch Breaks

A nostalgia when I wrote about “Movie Review – Stanley Ka Dabba”

We always had an excitement when it was the time to open our tiffin box / dabba during our school days. We have had our moments of sharing the tiffin with our friends.

Remembering the days when I used to lend a ‘helping hand’ in my classmates’ tiffin boxes leaving my tiffin aside untouched. I also used to ‘forget’ to bring my tiffin box at times.

Sandeep’s tiffin specialties with those King & Jumbo Prawns and occasional Chicken dishes, Sinosh’s & Sheefar’s tiffin with a variety of tasty non-veg dishes, last but not the least the very special Mushroom Dish cooked by Manu’s Mom.
*slurrp* .. my mouth waters yet again….

Lunch Breaks were fun time. Finishing off lunch in 5 minutes, rushing through the tiffin box and then the ‘internal cricket sessions’ using the duster…. the chalk wars,…. the ‘hand squash’ games,…. Ah..kiddish but fun filled days!!!

And not to forget about the teachers. We have had many teachers in our life as seen in the movie ‘Stanley Ka Dabba” – Some who are still close to our heart, some still remembered for their ‘notoriety’ towards us, some for their support, some for their anger and strictness.

School days… Missing them…!!!

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