Movie Review – Stanley Ka Dabba

Its one of the most simple and routine “dabba” that is prepared. But at times its the same daily chores that we tend to ignore. And when Stanley shares his “dabba” with us all, he makes us realise as to what we can and what we don’t try to.

A simple movie with a good message. As truly as the title identifies “A little story, with a big <3"

Excellent and simplistic performance by Partho as Stanley, The Lyricist/Writer/Director Amole Gupte as Hindi \Teacher Varmaji aka “khadoos”, Divya Dutta and almost all of the "dabba"-gang friends of Stanley. Some scenes are like the kids are not acting but its their natural behaviours that has been captured by the cameraman.

Be it Partho’s odd sense of self-esteem for a boy of his age or Khadoos’s behaviour and reciprocation of his words/deeds – they just truely moves you.

A short predictable (to some extent) movie but a really good watch with some excellent performances. Well acted and directed. Songs are a good listen too. The music & BG scores definitely adds to the movie’s essence..

I’ll give a 4.5/5

Life bahut simple hein.. humara soch lekin usko complex zaroor karte hein!!!!


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