Forever Indian Ocean

Music can elevate our consciousness…
Music can elevate your soul…
Music can make waves…
And it was Indian Ocean… Yes Indian Ocean the band performing live at Maharaja Sayajirao University / MSU (Not Michigan State University), Faculty of Technology and Engineering, Kalabhavan. They were here for FOOTPRINTS XI (A National Level Technical Event).

Indian Ocean’s music defies all genres and any archetypes.
There was always something new and there was always life.

Susmit Sen, Rahul Ram and Amit Kilam were awesomely backed up by Himanshu Joshi (Vocals) and Tuhin (Tabla).
There started of with a song “Chand” from their new album “16/330 Kahjoor Road”. One can download their songs for free on their website

Even when India vs England Worldcup match was going on, the crowd presence for the concert was commendable. Their music drew people of all ages (though it was more of college goers this time).

Be it ‘Melancholic Ecstacy’ or ‘Hille Le’ or or ‘Boll Weevil’ or ‘Bhondhu’, they were enjoying their performance and the crowd were loving it.

My favourite moment in the Indian Ocean concert was the performance of Maa Rewa. Loved the way Amit and Rahul wrangle with the guitar and the gabgubi. Then later duet between Amit on the drums and Tuhin on Rahul’s Guitar ‘drumming on strings’. (Asheem was seriously missed here).

It was an experience by itself.

They just poured their hearts and souls out on that stage.

It was total fun. Enjoyed a lot.

Special thanks to Abi for arranging the passes. 🙂

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