Movie Review – Dhobi Ghat(Mumbai Diaries)

Location; Cinemax, Vadodara; 15:30 Show. 22.01.2011

What was the first thing that came into your mind when you heard the title of the movie?
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We are all in search of something or the other in life. One among these is “Love”.

We find what we get is far too less compared to what we give or we intent to give.

This movie is about four Love ‘deprived’ people, story set in streets of the dream city,Mumbai.

Writer – Director Kiran Rao’s try to capture Mumbai and its life is praiseworthy. She definitely is a good ‘people watcher’ and she has tried to portray these in her characters. However she did miss out on the lifelines of Mumbai (Suburban trains – except for one shot in movie).

Prateik as ‘multi-talented’ Munna stands out. Brilliant performance. A different role, well acted. I’d say expressions and performance at par with Aamir Khan. Remember how he acted in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na as Genelia’s Bro ? He has acting traits, yes, his parents were talented actors too (Smita Patil and Raj Babbar)

Though Screenplay tends to drag in between, there is something in this story that will interest the public watching. Maybe coz a viewer tend to compare reel life to real life situations he/she has been through.

Aamir Khan as Arun, a painter ; Monica Dogra as Shai, an investment banker on sabbatical capturing Mumbai through her camera and Kriti Malhotra as Yasmin, the girl who records on her Video Camera – all have played their part quite well.

There are many questions unanswered. Lets leave them there as it is. I guess the director wants us to think over those or maybe she herself didn’t know the answers or how to explain them.

Life is quite complicated in a way in its own terms.

Audience reaction as a whole is difficult to judge.Some may like it while some may hate it.

This movie does not leave any deep impact.

Watchable Movie.
I’ll rate a 2.75 / 5.


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