Making a Comeback…

There are times when things change around us. And we tend to change with it. But deep within our traits remain of what we are and what we do

There are times when things change around us. And we tend to follow the very stream, in its direction,taking u places with your loved ones.

In life we make friends! They r always strangers first; Its the understanding between two,of being in a common ground brings them closer.

I know that staying away might be a solution to many issues, but it is not permanent. And I’ve decided to make a comeback

I gained many things, but guess I missed something, like the discussions, occasional teases, fun, some useful links, pics n all.. 😛

Focus on things & priority is now set. Still to have some fun and liberate self during hectic work schedules, time is required to be managed

I’ll be back soon (very soon) to that ‘place’ where some strangers become buddies… This I intent to inform all

For those who wonder where? Count the characters of each sentences and you’ll know!! Yes, the very character ‘world’ has something in it!

SPMenon will be back shortly!! Mostly in hiding but I shall be present for any “Nishkus” discussions. (I Guess!! 🙂 I Missed them all)

One thought on “Making a Comeback…

  1. karthi

    Tht’s great SP !! i bet twitter was missing u n also ur inspiring quotes..recently even biju chettan n ullas maasha had tweeted abt u being inactive in t twitter world… 🙂


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