Once Upon A Tea Time

This is not a work of fiction but yes some people are characterized way too ‘real’.

The characters are not fictitious.

The events here are actual occurrences elsewhere in an office (maybe a scene in any day-to-day office).

I’m not going to mention their real names though. I don’t want to make them famous/infamous (Also coz they will be reading this blog).

He was getting restless and impatient. Mayukh strained his neck to turn around and look at the clock hanging on the wall. It was about time. But still, what he wanted was nowhere in sight. The wait was still going on and on. His face showed great expectations. He knew though that the tea from canteen is not worth waiting for, but then it’s the time he can just relax for a few minutes and this tea was far better than those oozing out of the vending machine. He stood up from his cubicle and looked for Kailash.

Kailash was fighting a losing battle to prevent his upper eyelids meeting their lower counterparts. He was also ‘nodding’ his head in agreement to some unheard noises in his head. Sleep calls. It is quite hard to stay awake after a nice hefty lunch. When you pay 30 bucks for your ‘unlimited thali’ lunch, one seems to feast on it until one reaches a level where you feel food is blocking your lungs / regular breathing. Cubicles had its advantages, Kailash thought

Mayukh inquired, “Isn’t it late for tea to arrive?”. Kailash checked his watch and rechecked the time shown on his computer monitor, and said “yes”.

Their faces expressed pure anticipation and excitement. A face one can imagine to that of a man waiting outside a labour room to hear the news of newborn, a kid awaiting his/her b’day surprise gift from their dad, a man waiting for the response of his proposal from his ‘lover’, a convict waiting to hear judge pronounce him being acquitted from case.

Kailash added, “I guess they are on their way by now. Do give me a call when you go. There is loads of ‘Postman Work’ that my boss has assigned me to complete. And this afternoon time is not helping me to finish them off. Let me go back to Work.” Kailash slumped back to his seat, opened up the Company’s Forum page to check the latest score of Cricket match.

Mayukh turned to KD. He was the right person to be called for. His cubicle is so placed that he has a view of people arriving and leaving by the pantry side. Mayukh walked to him, “KD, keep an eye on the pathway, on seeing the office boys bringing tea inform me. Let us rush as soon as they come in with tea before the commotion begins.” KD looked up from his monitor and nodded.

Kailash who just couldn’t stay still in his seat took a walk over to KD’s cubicle. He swung his arm and it landed on KD’s back with a ‘bang’. KD screamed,”What the f*ck! it hurts man!”. Kailash had his signature ‘sheepish’ smile while Mayukh was just LOLing at this.

Kailash spoke, “These pantry guys! don’t they ever stick to their timings? They are worse than us in meeting schedules”.

Mayukh added, “Yeah, and guess what, all these are quite known to HR people too, however they get the better share of us all, whether it is tea or during lunch time and that too on-time. Tea should be declared as a basic human right. We are all beggars and yes obviously beggars can’t be chooser.”

KD turned, “Such a self defamatory remark? I think you are sleep talking. By the way, so much talks and training sessions for the employee motivation plan from HR and still no tea is served on time.”

Kailash, mocking KD “So much talks..”, Alright then when you get your PLR transfer the same to me, since that won’t be motivating you and I shall personally ensure you get tea at 3.00pm sharp”.

KD smiled back and stood up, “In your dreams buddy! But for now, the moment is here, our wait is over. Here comes the tea. Lets go guys, before others rush in towards pantry to have tea.” Kailash double checked it and gave a punch in air “Yeah!, Finally”, Mayukh rushed to his PC to lock it and joined the gang.

Even before they could make a move towards pantry to get tea, which just arrived, Mayukh, Kailash and KD found that almost 6 -8 guys are already taken up seats waiting for the tea. They took their tea and walked out, beaming and having a ‘victory’ smile on all the three faces.

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