The Most beautiful and one of the very essential senses we need to see God’s Creation. (Not in for an argument with atheists about it and Science – Let’s just keep it that way)

I was at my Project Site, a remote area in M.P, and I thought of traveling by their local bus to commute from the town I stayed to site which was about 40kms or so. I wanted to see the routes taken and the villages and greenery around. And to say, it was astoundingly beautiful, green and wonderful experience. The thatched roofs, cattle grazers, farms, plots, forests, canals, rivers (some were dried up ones), birds and all were a feel good experience along with the nice and cold December breeze, with a slight warmth from the Sun above.

During the bus journey I saw a few things and I just wanted to share it with all.

The bus was yet to start, and there were only a handful of people in the bus. This upper middle aged guy was ‘said’ to be blind or he said so. He was quoting some verses in Hindi, philosophy and what not. But my point was, he knew exactly where people are. He had the looks of a beggar alright, but not that of a blind person. Worse still he was using this disability to ‘search’ his path over people sitting, be it ladies, young gals or men. It was very evident. I noticed that he ‘searched’ his way across a young lady twice even though she had given him alms as soon as he was near her the very first time. That’s how people are. Faking something in life to get money. Faking something or someone that they really are not. But happy and contempt at what they do!

Soon he left, just as the bus started towards the next halted bus without any help or support.

A family of three boarded the bus from the bus stand. Mother, Father and an infant say about 6 -8 months old. He was on his father’s shoulders in woolen clothes. It’s cold in this region, almost all have worn their woolen clothes. Most of the time the kid looked around of all the things around him, both stationary and moving things.

I’d say curiosity is what is to an urge for understanding and knowledge. And the infants are full of curiosity. Thanks to the ever wonderful sense of vision. Watching a curious child looking around itself generates curiosity in others, wondering ‘what this infant is looking at?’ or ‘how is he figuring out which is what’ or ‘how is he seeing things and understanding them’. I too had my time observing the kid. It was fun.
He had his time observing, and when he had enough of his appetite for curiosity, the child gently dozed off on his father’s shoulders.

As the bus was traveling through the villages, people of different kind were boarding and getting down at various stops. Yet another family boarded and there was this child sleeping on his mother. They sat next to me. The kid was sleeping soundly and so I had the windows closed just to ensure the kid won’t feel cold. The bus stopped for a break (Bus stopped for 5 minutes at 3 different locations and 15 minutes at another place in this short 40 km journey – I wished I was in a bus travelling to Trichur or Guruvayur from Kodungallur – okay going back to topic) The kid woke up. Maybe coz that rhythmic movement of the ‘shaking’ bus abruptly stopped . 🙂 I looked to my side at the kid. Thought of ‘showing faces’ to make that infant happy (Kids love when people show faces – yet again maybe the curiosity of how a face ‘deforms’ 😛 This is my viewpoint)

To my shock, that infant was blind. It was very evident, the cornea/pupil was covered in white and it was rolled up. It was a sad sight, though I didn’t show any feelings then. The family was poor, they won’t be able to afford an operation for that child.

I just looked at the other infant who was playing around and looking around and I looked at this blind infant. It was two extremes.

But what I noticed of this child was, he was listening to the songs played over by a fellow passenger and he seemed to enjoy it. He cuddled in his mother’s arms.

The kid reminded me of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie ‘Black’. I wonder how the kid will cope with all that comes in life. It’s not that there were no other blind people who lived. We know of people who lived great lives even with their disability but we know only a few, a handful. They seemed to have some resources in their childhood to come up in life. But is it the case of all the others? I don’t know. I just wish that the infant have a safe and healthy life ahead and with god’s grace a beautiful future to see this world through someone else’s eyes.

Eyes are so valuable. As the Malayalam proverb goes “ Kannu ellathapozhae kannintae vila ariyulu” which is similar to “You don’t know the value of a thing… not until you lose it.” but in focus Malayalam proverb emphasizes on “Kannu” or ”Eyes” and sight.

World around us is beautiful and every other person living have the right to see it.

I’ve decided.
Decided to Donate my Eyes on my death.
So that someone else shall see this world through my eyes.
I’m posting a video link that I had found earlier. It was touching too.


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