Loss is Evidently Inevitable

Never will I hear her call.
I used to run home in between the play from the makeshift cricket playground on her calls.
The calls were so obvious for something to eat / drink.. something that she’d ve prepared for us.
Now even if I wish to, I will not be able to hear her.
I will miss that ‘moru-ozhichu-koottaan’ (a plantain/mango – buttermilk curry) she used to cook. It was her masterpiece dish and which I love a lot. I’ll miss her puli-inji, unni-appam and what not.
I will miss her hugs.
I will miss her voice.
There’s no place like home except Grandma’s. Home will never be the same without her.
She was so supportive, caring, comforting, and loving.
There sure will be times when I shall feel orphaned.
Grandchildren are offered some of the best moments of their lives with them.
When something wasn’t going well, a call to grandparents surely did some wonders.
Sometimes we feel Life is indeed short. As in the time we get to spent with people we love most.
Bereavement and grief is just a part of life.
Loss is inevitable. One cannot claim full right to anything or everything in life. At one point or the other he/she has to leave it behind.
I’ll miss my grandparents. I lost all of them in a span of one year. That’s just too much greed from God to take them away from me/us.
Their souls shall rest in peace.
I’ll miss them all…


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