Avial of thoughts….

Yes many thoughts are churning in my head.
To get to that perfect topic to write in blog. Or is there something of that sorts?
It’s not just that easy. Writing on something which the whole world is writing is just another lame read.
But writing something that is of interest and that attracts attention is difficult.
One can write about any current affairs, their views about it, but one should be also ready for the arguments raised by the readers (if any – implies to readers and comments too 🙂 ).
When it comes to technology related, there are quite a few who write just brilliantly. Your point of view is just out-of-place or as the technology is progressing too fast, your comment is just too late or just another slow/delayed response.
Also I’m no master in writing poems or stories. Neither will I try to do it. It requires skill and I feel I’m not meeting that level of expertise.
Just as my post cites, an Avial of Thoughts rush into my mind. (Avial is a dish very famous in Kerala, a mixed vegetable curry, said to be invented by Bhima, Mahabharata Epic Character [There are further arguments on origin of Avial, which I’m not going into])
Well I love Avial. It’s really a good dish. I’m not going to say further about avial, I’m hungry and this post is not about cuisines and dishes & tastes.)
I can’t fully deny that this post is about ‘tastes’. Well, in a way it’s what one’s taste for lets him go for it.

I guess I just have had the idea of what to write.

I shall write about Social Media Addiction (Though it’s a commonly discussed topic, let me put up my points since I’m trying hard to take a social media break in vain.)

I admit – I’m a sort of Attention Seeker… And I always want me in the loop of discussions held by others. I want myself to be heard and not left behind.
I’ve always had reasons for anything and everything. I guess everyone does.


2 thoughts on “Avial of thoughts….

  1. Jean

    Just try to write what you want to write, what comes from your heart. 🙂 Don’t look for what interests the reader. Forget about how better the others write – just write for yourself – it will be beautiful.

    Having said that, many a time I need to be reminded of it too. 😉


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