Choices, Decisions and Indecisions.

Choices, everyone wants it and look out for it in life. Be it for purchase of any item or an examination. One would prefer them to be objective than subjective (Especially in the case of Exams). But I feel choices are both objective and subjective in nature. The two English Idioms that I’d quote are “Beggars can’t be Choosers“, which reflects the thought that one has to accept whatever they can get when they cannot have exactly what they intend to. And “Be spoilt for Choice” a state when one has so many possible options / choices that it is difficult to make a decision.
A choice is nothing more than an alternative. Choices needn’t be always one’s preference. I’d say, we do not always act according to our preferences.
I believe many of us have wished or said amongst ourselves, “I should have gone for (that) when I chose (this)”. Now it’s the “that” and “this” which forms the base for all choices. When we choose between two, say A and B, we have an alternate choice C hidden elsewhere which highlights the greater value among A and B. One actually chooses between different actions or things but there is really only one thing that one takes or does. Say a sweet or salted lemon juice, chosen between sweet and salted, the ultimate selection is made for relinquishing the thirst, choosing from the menu card when all you can think of is, how to satisfy your hunger. Thus all our choices are made in appropriateness only.
Decisions are to be made upon the choices we have. And the alternate to what we don’t have. If there are no time constraints, one can take his/her time for the choice to make. But it again will lead to a condition of indecision as such.
Talking about indecision, what comes into my mind is an event that took place in my engg college fest. Way back (say 7yrs ago), in a certain contest, a contestant was asked to explain INDECISION in any way he wants to. He just turned to the blackboard and drew a building and wrote ‘United Nations’. I should say I was stupefied with his quick-wittedness of the current affairs (Then – with reference to Invasion of Iraq by US and the stance taken by UN on the events). I don’t recollect who he was but I’d say it was just brilliant.
When it comes to choices, one has to be firm on the decision he/she makes. And there shall be no room for regrets. Never regret on one’s decision.

PS: I’ve just scribbled all the thoughts that came to my mind. Some of my own writings shall be found as contradicting in the same post. That’s how my thought process goes!! 😛 That’s all those fragments of thoughts flying by. After all it’s a matter of choice and decision. Or is it??

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