Movie Review – Enthiran The Robot

Fame Cinemas, Vadodara – 01.10.2010 -19.15 show!

Superstar Rajni – Sankar team’s latest offering ‘Enthiran-The Robot’, a science fiction film is truly a visual extravaganza.

The storyline is not that important (lot many loose ends), but the Graphics part will entertain you for sure! And then the major factor- i.e. “Rajni-some” and “Rajni-fic”!

Top notch animation, well ‘outsourced’ (could find many names of Chinese animators in the final credits) production at par with any Hollywood Flick. Along with it the sound engineering and ARR’s BG scores does more than just marvel to the movie.

We don’t find any Rajnikant style punch lines or action as in his other movies. But then movie just goes on and on. And its well engaging (though there are some moments of drag at times).

And movie is all about Rajnikant as the Robot. And he totally outplays Rajnikant the human in mmost of the situations.
But as always Rajnikant the Robot is no match for Rajnikant the human. Coz he is not just human but God Himself.

However something notable is that Sankar has somewhat lost his Midas touch on the Variety he brings about to Song Sequences. I am only impressed with “Kilimanjaro” song, felt very lively. ARR songs are good, but Sankar do not give enough effort into visuals to stupefy the public.

After a long time impressed with Aiswarya Rai Bachan. Looking awe and young & dashing (don’t pelt stones at me for this)! Plus she does some nice dance moves too.

I’d say Enthiran is a treat for the eyes and watchable entertainer.

Better not go with high high expectations, thus you will really like the movie and enjoy.
No doubt, this movie will be a trend setter for Indian Cinema. After all it is a Rajni movie!!.

I’ll rate a 3.75/5.

PS: The movie is not for all the general public. I wonder whether everyone will enjoy the ‘geek’ jokes and scientific and medical terms n dialogues.

PPS: Those who made Love Story 2050, please stand up, please stand up!! And learn to make movies!!!

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