Movie Review – Resident Evil: Afterlife

Went for Resident Evil: Afterlife @ Inox Movies today. Loved the movie. Damn! There are no 3D releases in Vadodara. But to tell you, Resident Evil 4 would be an absolutely amazing watch in 3D & surround sound. I believe the 3D is really awesome and better and 3D technology was used amazingly.

I have not played Resident Evil game and hence I don’t know some of the characters. In terms of character development and story driven elements, movie isn’t providing you inputs. But for those who have seen the 3 previous movies might not have many difficulties in identifying them I guess. However overall storyline is poor. No one explains what the device on Ali Larter and others in captive is used for.

Loved the new zombies and the Zombie Giant. (Still wonder why his face was covered – that could have added to the scare-factor). For a horror-flick, many scenes as in how zombies kill the humans are not shown.

Milla Jovovich still rules!! Awesome action sequences by her.
Something that will move you is the soundtracks. The BG scores are really really good.

I came out completely blown away. It was high octane thrilling action at its best.

Overall it was a good movie. Run to a cinema near you and buy yourself a ticket for Resident Evil: Afterlife (preferably in 3D)

P.S. For those who have not seen the movie, Please do stay a few minutes into the credits. Many who have seen the movie, missed it I guess.

Rating: 3.5/5


3 thoughts on “Movie Review – Resident Evil: Afterlife

      1. Sreenath Menon Post author

        Well there r people who didn’t like it coz the storyline is not good enough. It seems those who play the game didn’t like it either. But the 3D technology is well used!

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