Movie Review – DABANGG

I’ll make this short!!!

Dabangg a must Watch…

Lovely Movie. Total Entertainer. Fun, Fight and Figures.
Salman Khan in his elements. A good movie from him in the recent times.
Excellent Dialogue Presentation, Action and Music. And some ‘any-man-can’ dance moves too.

Sonakshi looks fresh and lively. Director has ensured that the newcomer has her share in the movie. She has very few scenes but still I believe she can act and expresses emotions rightly so.

All other cast and crew have done good job.
No major punch line but still Salman delivers some in a very effective manner.

Songs – Awesome. Title Song, Tere Mast Mast Do Nain and Munni are all good!!

Verdict: 4 / 5

PS: Special Credit to the PROMO guys. They have made a Dabangg move and the movie is “da BANGG” on hit charts!! They have played a gr8 role in giving expectations to the audience and movie lives up to it!!


2 thoughts on “Movie Review – DABANGG

  1. Rashmi Nair

    Sonakshi has very few scenes in movie?? I just saw an interview in some random news channel about “DABANGG” and they were bragging about how she has so “many” scenes and such a major role… hmm.


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