#MalayalamFilmDialogues in Twitter – The beginning

Some things need a catalyst to ignite a reaction.. For everything else there is a hand of a Malayali !!

I was reading through the tweets on 19th August as always and when I saw this http://twitter.com/purrfectbop/status/21555574505 , I remembered a film dialogue on ‘dusht’ as said on screen by KPAC Lalitha in movie ‘Gaja Kesari Yogam’ and I raised a question of trending Malayalam film dialogues and it all began – http://twitter.com/spmenon/status/21556232435

It was well taken by all.. and there was gr8 support from mallus in twitter …. and Some of the guys/gals were so deep into it, they had received ‘temporary unfollows’ (not from me!! but others – and I hope its restored back now!!) Someone told me that he has blocked 12 people to avoid his timeline being cluttered by #MalayalamFilmDialogues 😛

And even today I found the hashtag still living in ‘twitter’.. 🙂 and I am really happy to see it…

I’m trying to find an online app which could save and store all the tweets under hashtag #malayalamfilmdialogues to a word / excel file for ‘future references’ 😛

Update: I’ve found a site where one can get the transcript of #MalayalamFilmDialogues hashtag that was there in twitter. If you have hours to kill, here’s a collection of 3000+ #MalayalamFilmDialogues.
Site: What the Hashtag?!
Transcript: #MalayalamFilmDialogues


3 thoughts on “#MalayalamFilmDialogues in Twitter – The beginning

  1. Naslu Nasar

    Thought of sharing another similar story here 🙂

    You should check out http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/malayalam.movie.dialogues

    An initiative by myself which got a similar ignition while watching movie “Friends” and with that particular dialog by Srinivasan “Swanthamayi peerankiyum Pattalavumulla frenchkaarku polum Pondicheril pidichu nikkan patiyilla..Pinneya namuk”

    I just posted in my FB timeline (those were my jobless, boring, nothing to-do days)
    The response to it finally ended up in a facebook fan page and now 1271 “Likes: it..


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