Movie Review -Peepli [Live]

Life is Like That!! Yes, we tend to laugh at someone else’s misfortune. Only when we are in some trouble, will we know how things are felt at receiving end. We know of the things happening around us but we just tend to ignore many of it. We avoid many as it does not affect us directly or we are not part of that ‘system’ as of now. We thank god for that.

Peepli [Live] is just another movie that pin-points many of the current affairs and how it reflects interests of general public. The debutant director Rizvi has given a commendable attempt with a strong script and superb vivid characterization and performances by the not-so-famous cast. But just like any other issues, pages of this movie will be forgotten by ‘society’ when these are no more ‘current-affairs’.

Major theme of movie is Farmer Suicides and Government’s indifference towards this faction of society and their bureaucratic hypocrisies and how Media tends to create ‘sensational news’. All these that end up in farmers ending up as day laborers in cities

News have always been like a ‘hot cup of coffee’ and it ’tastes better’ (relates to Breaking News / Sensational News) and has ‘good aroma’ (relates to soaring TRPs of channel), when it’s hot. This is just what News channels have in their mind. Media blows issues to infinite proportions just to let it go when they feel it is ‘enough’. The News just dies out from these News Channels though at actual it is still a ‘current-affair’. It’s the way of life; we tend to watch the Circus to entertain ourselves that is through these Media.

Government Schemes are more like a ‘jigsaw puzzle’. It’s up to you to decide which policy to be applied for but as always you end up applying for the wrong one or just that your application is turned down by ‘authorities’ on account of ‘revised’ government criterions. Government policies for the farmers and its state of affairs as in announcing of schemes for their upliftment and directing state governments to execute them.

Watch the movie FOR its Excellent Casting, Performances, BG Scores and Music (Folk, and composed by Various Artists), Story & Direction.


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