Movie Review – Predators

Movie was made so poorly. It promised so much but delivered very little. I’d say I had better expectations from the movie.

Even in the first 40 Min’s of the movie one tends to fall asleep. The character building was awful. Characters resembled to the ones in the original movie. If you are a big fan of the first movie you will be disappointed. Lot many of one-liners/dialogues stolen from the first. Adrian Brody with a Christian bale voice in Dark Knight at times is unimpressive. The fight scenes made the predator look so dullard.

The concept of hunters on Earth transported to a different planet to be hunted was fine. But acting and screenplay was just berserk. You have the classic predator that is small compared to new predators. However new predators seemed awful in aim and hunting strategy. The lack of predators was a disappointment. Also the hunting technique by them using their “pets” to track and hunt? The classic predator hunt was just awesome!

Laurence Fishburne character was nothing but a waste of time and pointless. I found some parts of it improbable. One man (One “dead” Special Forces Guy – whom I believe in normal case do not carry any identity tag with them) built all those traps on his own with no tools or help, build traps that dropped heavy spikes from the sky. btw most of the traps were very similar to that set in Original Movie by Arnold’s Character. Also in Original Movie, Arnold is from special forces but the story about Arnold confronting of predators in 1987 is told by Isabelle (Alice Bragga) who is from IDF as in Israel Defense Forces (I heard it so as IDF, not sure). Why did Changchien started fighting with predator with just a bare samurai sword and the Predator so dumb not to use his shoulder guns but use his blade (Wonder where did the spear as in the original movie go? Dropped while chasing them?) Something more brainless is that he is able to kill the predator with just a plain old sword while Adrien Brody struggled so hard to kill the last one with axe like weapon.

Predators 2010 was more of a tribute of sorts to the original, with the original score popping up intermittently trying to remind you of the Original Movie.
Wiki says “Predators is a 2010 American science fiction horror film directed by Nimród Antal” yes! it’s a truly horror film for those who are watching.

And news is that there is a possible sequel to this!

A movie you can avoid watching. If you want to watch predators then go & see the original Predator once again!


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