Keep Writing…

Start writing, no matter what.The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on. – Louis L’Amour (1908 -1988)
When @flor_is posted this on twitter and just my luck to have seen it actually impressed me and inspired me a lot to START WRITING.
Its been slightly long since I had written anything on my blog. 😛 (well not that long compared to a few other excellent bloggers who have not written anything in their blogs for quite a long time now). I’ve been a reader for long. But I was too lazy to write anything then. Lazy to write comments on the blogs that I read. 😛
I did have a blogspot site earlier. But seldom used. Very seldom did I write or check in it! 😛
Then by end of June 09 I was introduced to twitter by my colleague Ajay and from then on, as in an addiction to this ‘micro-blogging’ had me fascinated. I came across various people. Unique and interesting. Its the interaction with them that made me continue on twitter. (I’m always under constant criticism for not sticking onto something for long – Not in all cases but in certain norms only!!). The more people I met, the more was I attached to twitter.( did a few so called de-addiction drive too)
I came across many, many who had blogs to their credit. (Eg: I never had thought I’d be interacting with @kuttyedathi I used to read her blogs then.)
And soon I decided to start scribbling. With a good amount of ‘experienced’ blogger community around I guess I too wished to write. To share my thoughts.. To go beyond 10 characters. To express more. It might be ego or some other complex in me that considered myself to write blogs. I know I’m not that good at this.
But I’m sure there is scope for improvement. Reading more is an option considered to write more or better over time. 😛

The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on. And its all in you to find the faucet and turn it on!!

I’ll keep writing…


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