The Sleeping Policeman

He looked up at the oncoming traffic slowing down in his presence, with a leisurely gaze, unmoved.

It’s the rush hour as any day but he was seated at his usual ‘post’ right on the road to slow down the traffic. His encumbrance troubles almost all but no one ever raises a voice against him. Not that they are afraid of him but there is no time for anyone to do so.

Whether it’s a dry and hot day or a rainy day, the sleeping policeman does his ‘duty’. Is he paid well? No one really knows. It’s almost certain that his ‘seniors’ just don’t care a lot about him anymore. They have just left him to be on his own as of now.

Sleeping policeman isn’t the right word to describe him. He is not a policeman nor is he sleeping during his duty time. Dressed or not, he has something or the other in his mouth, chewing away. Chews so hastily that the onlookers might feel he could grind away his teeth doing so.

No one is spared. All vehicular traffic has to slow down and divert. There is no other option. It’s the gentle and subtle arrogance in him that surprises all. But motorists just have to do their part.

He is not always alone. There are many to accompany him with his duty. The young and the old, male and female vis-a-vises. For how long his duty is, no one really cares.

Only on very few occasions do accidents occur when the motorists unaware of ‘such’ road blocks smashes head on to him or his herd and he just screeches out “Moooooo” and the ox/cow just drops dead, to utter dismay of the driver/rider.


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