Movie Review – Tere Bin Laden


” Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off All The Way To God Damn America”

I think that should describe of how the movie was from the start till the end. Writer Director Abhisek Sharma has made a rather “appealing” and uproarious film, quite “ground-breaking” in its own style.

The movie has a commendable and smart script and when it comes to acting, it can be called so natural! Ali Hassan (Ali Zafar), an aspiring reporter who dreams to fly to US and work there, takes a turn and is deported back and doomed to stay with numerous rejections for Visas and has to work in Karachi for Majeed Bhai’s (Piyush Mishra) Danka TV. He tries to contact a travel agent who agrees to fly him to US on a fake identity for a hefty amount, which Ali does not have.

Meanwhile, on a ‘punishment’ mission for reporting with his side kick Gul, for “Muqabla-e-baang”, a cock-crowing competition they come across a chicken farmer, Noora (Pradhuman Singh) who is the owner of ‘Sikander’, the cockthat won the competition. When Ali sees the resemblance of Osama Bin Laden in Noora, he formulates a deceitful plan to shoot a video of ‘Osama’ and sell it for big money so that he could fly to Ameerika. He enrolls his team consisting of a RJ who can mimic voices, an employee of Danka TV who can
write and speak Arabic, his camera man Gul and Zoya (Sugandha Garg) the make-up assistant to travel agent. Ali and Gul convince Noora about shooting a video on his chicken farm for marketing the same elsewhere and deceive him by raising a threat speech in Arabic to US. Ali sells the tape to Majeed Bhai
who in turn sells it to another News Channel. What happens next is how things change around the world because of that Video from ‘Osama Bin Laden’ and how things backfire on Ali for his wrong-doings. Hilariously portraying Osama Bin Laden and American War strategies and manhunt in Pakistan for Osama are very well executed by the Director with a good script.

Ali plans to make amends for his deeds and tries re-shooting a video for peace with Noora and a lot of rib-tickling events take place. Audience literally does a ‘ground-breaking’ ROTFL, scenes after scenes.

Tere Bin Laden is a nice movie to watch out for. One can enjoy to the fullest.

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