Movie Review – Udaan

UDAAN means flight to symbolize free the spirit of freedom in the heart. It signifies realization of new heights.

There are quite a few movies that reflect life; our life. Film makers are under the impression of providing the general public a feel of reel life than real life. No one can blame them. When it comes to allocating funds for a big budget movie, they want people to have fun watching the movie. It is not that real life movies do not attract public interest, but when it comes to harsh realities in life, one cannot accept it as it comes.
I went to watch UDAAN with few of my colleagues for 8.20PM show yesterday at PVR Cinemas, Vadodara. The hall almost empty though. There were hardly 20-30 people who had come down to watch the movie. My colleagues gave me a look as to for what movie did I bring them in for.

But I tell you, they were happy to watch the movie and so did the other 20 odd people who had come to see Udaan! Debutant director Vikramaditya Motwane has done an excellent coming of age movie that deserves to be watched by every teenager and their parents.

Rajat Barmecha as Rohan Singh, the central character in the movie plays his part of 17 year old well. We all have our aspirations. However, many of the adolescent youths stumble upon what their parents have for them. Rohan is among the few ‘rebels in society’ who are unwilling to compromise on their dreams or have a clear understanding of what they wants from life. His auctorial flights of imagination in poems and storytelling are his windfall which he believes shall take him to his destiny of being a famous writer. Story unfolds after he is kicked out from a famous boarding school in Shimla and returns to Jamshedpur after 8 long years.

Ronit Roy as Bhairav Singh, a caring but un-loving pugnacious father of Rohan, tormented between his sons (family), loss (as in recession and his beloved) and work has been characterized well and lives up to the expectation. Just as any parent, B. Singh wants his son to be as disciplined as him, be an Engineer and later work and handle the family owned business. There are many grey points to the character that he is. However since the movie is to be focused on the 17 yr old, there is no need to discuss on those.

Aayan Boradia as Arjun, Rohan’s six year old half brother is cute. His eyes are at expressive best, silent but speak for him. The way he is treated by his dad, trying to introduce discipline early in his age, the wrath he receives for a small misbehavior (though it was propelled by other reasons at Bhairav’s factory) brings in some of the earnest moments of the movie.

Ram Kapoor as Jimmy Singh is the ever motivating Rohan’s Chachu. He understands Rohan’s feelings and aspirations and tries to persuade his arrogant brother to listen to Rohan and believe in the artist in him.
The short part played by Manjot Singh (Oye Lucky Lucky Oye) and other friends of Rohan is memorable. So does the seniors whom he befriends at Jamshedpur, having drinks with them, drive thru at night, lighter fun filled moments, fist fights and discussions on life and beyond.

Over 2 hours, movie is slightly slow paced. Some instances seem repetitive. But if observant, u notice that there is some reasoning too, like the Car (reg no BEN 747), starts on 3rd attempt always; and later in the movie when it doesn’t start at 3rd attempt, Rohan smashes it to near scrap.

Written by Motwane and Anurag Kashyap, and as Kashyap has a similar story that occurred in his life, bare reality is more reflected in the characters. Background score by Amit Trivedi is soothing and smooth.

A nice movie to watch for. But be patient during moments when there are no dialogues or BG score but the cinematography focus on the characters.

I’ll rate a 3.75 / 5 .. a nice watch.


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