In touch always…

Some things in life bring about a smile on your face. And when it is from a source totally unexpected, that smile just have a whole new meaning assigned to it. There are many instances, mathematically speaking ‘n’ number of instances.

Just an instance that made me write this is when a friend Vishnu who is in UK tagged me to an album of his in facebook where I could find myself as a college goer. Ah the memories… Down the memory lane of the days in college.

An urge to go back to those days rushed into my mind.. But gone are those days.. Memories ll remain, and we can cherish those always.

Keeping in touch with friends are the most difficult task that one could face. You tend to focus on your career and life ahead and miss out on friends. Many people does that… I’m one of them.

We expect others to be in touch with you but never consider the fact that the same might be the state of mind from others. No one is complaining. None whatsoever…

I’ve decided to be in touch with my pals whenever possible… When you have friends, why worry of foes !! 😛

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