Marital Status!!

This is going a bit too far!
Every alternate post of mine is related to Marriages. In one way or the other. 😛
Well this is slightly different. This has nothing to do with “My Experience”
Just a random thought that struck me when I was having lunch with my colleagues yesterday.
Its about Marital Status.
For a lighter moment of read / view!

Filling up forms can turn out to be like this:

For an Unmarried Person:

For any Married Person:

A few years of being “Chronic Bachelor” can do this to you:

A few years into “Marriage” can do this to you:

Or this (It shows eagerness and the memories of the times that was, floods your mind)

Or this (An expectation to be in this state)

A moment of Success ??

Can we call this Person to be Lucky or Un-Lucky ??

Frustration Can Cause you this! A state of doubt!!

A shout-out status??

Ignorance can be bliss!! Or is it recognition of presence?

Lastly, If u r from some IIT or IIM: (Latest trend)

There could be many more… But for now.. let me hide!!! 😛


3 thoughts on “Marital Status!!

  1. Sekher

    Oh there are more… 😀
    Married – Almost
    Married – I have no idea what happened that day o_O
    Married – Yes (as on 7th July 2010)
    Married – We need to talk!
    Married – Yes, but we believe in an open relationship. You know what I mean 😉
    Married – Yes, though she would say no 😦
    Married – Wonder why :-/


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